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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you about the privacy policy in our organisation. We consider privacy to be extremely important, and will do everything possible to protect your privacy.

With this declaration, we want to meet the need for transparent and clear communication about how data is processed by us. Concretely, we would like to inform you about what data we keep, for how long we keep them and what we do with it. We would also like to explain what rights you have and who or how you can contact us about this.

In general, we only collect personal data (name, address, etc.) that we collect in order to be able to carry out and promote our services. Sometimes this is for purely administrative purposes, sometimes for commercial purposes. We undertake never to share these data with third parties, with the exception of possible storage in (external) cloud environments or if we use a partner to send e-mails or mail. In those cases, your data will only be shared under strict conditions, in order to protect your privacy permanently. Of course, you always have the right to view, edit or remove these data.

To whom does this declaration apply?

This declaration was drawn up for Sabor BE0726.903.845.

Doornlaarstraat 55,

2820 Bonheiden


This statement applies to the entire organisation, all communication or administration tools (all websites, social media, CRM, project management, CMS, etc.) of the organisation and also (if applicable) to each member of staff.

Please note that for some parts of the communication or administration we make use of external partners. Their privacy statement may also apply here.

Who can I contact and how?

All questions regarding your privacy are handled by our appointed data protection officer.

Data protection officer: Patrick Reynaerts

By mail via:

Your personal data at our organisation.

We collect data for the proper functioning of our organisation. This can be very practical (e.g. for sending parcels), administrative (e.g. bookkeeping) or promotional (when you subscribe to a newsletter).

Logically, when you place an order via our website, make a purchase in our shop, contact us via the contact form or subscribe to our newsletter, we need certain information from you.

What data do we collect?

Depending on the basis and purpose, this generally involves the following data:

- Your personal data: name, first name, gender, language(s)

- Your contact details: postal address, telephone (landline and/or mobile), e-mail

- Possible company data: postal address, telephone (landline and/or mobile), e-mail, fax, VAT number and/or company number

Via our website, we also collect data that is partly anonymous, such as IP addresses or browser data. We use these user statistics to monitor and improve our websites. For the collection of these data, we also use an external partner specialised in the processing and collection of visitor statistics.

Why do we collect data?

We are happy to explain the reasons, bases or purposes for which we process your data.

- For a good relationship: we collect data for the proper functioning of our organisation. This enables us to communicate professionally, consult our call history if necessary, and fulfil any administrative needs that apply within our relationship, such as preparing offers and invoices.

- For general communication: when you send e-mail or other messages to us, we may retain those messages. Sometimes we will ask you for your personal data relevant to the situation at hand. This makes it possible for us to process your questions and answer your requests. The data may be stored in such cases. We will not combine this data with other personal data we have.

- For your convenience: our websites use cookies (see below) and analyse how our visitors use our site. This data is used to optimise our websites.

- For (self) promotion: from time to time we send promotional newsletters to promote our organisation, products and services. You can always unsubscribe from our mailing list by using the link on the newsletter, or by using your right to change data as described later in this document.

- For (commercial) actions: when you participate in an action (for example a giveaway or contest), we need to have your contact data.

To the above list, we would like to add that we also store data

- In the event of a sales contract, both physical and digital;

- In function of a legitimate interest for our company;

- Following a specifically received consent;

- or in case of a legal obligation.

How do we save your data?

Your data is always processed via an encrypted connection and stored in secure databases. Exceptionally, this may be via partners' server applications (such as a CRM package), or in cloud environments such as Dropbox or Drive.

We use extensive security procedures to protect the personal data we process, among other things, to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to these data.

Only authorised people within our organisation have access to these data, and they always endorse the organisation's intentions regarding the protection of your privacy. They may therefore not copy, pass on or use this data for their own purposes.

We do not keep your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes described in this text. A longer retention period may only be used if required by law.

What about cookies?

Our websites use "cookies" (small text files placed on your computer), partly to analyse our visitors, partly for your convenience.

The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website may be transferred to our own secure servers or those of a third party. We use this information to track how you (and others) use the website. This information is processed in order to optimise our websites.

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some or all features and services, on our and other websites, may not function properly if cookies are disabled in your browser.

Some third party services also require us to enable additional cookies on our websites. Services we may use include CRM packages, social media, visitor statistics, job posting services, advertising and streaming video. We work together with external third parties such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Bing, AddThis, ...

Your, and our rights.

As your privacy is at stake, you have at all times the right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data. For this purpose, you can contact us by telephone or e-mail, in which case we undertake to process your request as soon as possible.

If you have an account on our website, you are able to consult or edit this data there.

We are entitled to use the data for the purposes described above and to share your data with third parties, but only in the previously explained exceptions. Third party services that we may use include mail software, cloud storage, CRM packages, social media, visitor statistics, job services, advertising and streaming video. For more information on how these parties handle privacy, please read their privacy terms.

Also, when competent authorities request your data from us, we will (have to) comply.


This privacy declaration is a link from our organisation to you. When you cooperate with our organisation, use our website or share information via our communication channels, we presume that you have read this declaration and agree with its provisions. If you do not, you must communicate this in a timely manner, and we reserve the right to terminate our relationship.