About us

Prolumens is the exclusive distributor of projectors and accessories of the premium brand EIKI. The company Ets. Verwaest, which distributed 16mm film projectors at the end of the 1950s, quickly built up a solid reputation by distributing EIKI products, which already guaranteed the best quality at the time. EIKI was a popular product in schools and cinemas alike. The company never sat still, not even when video began to replace 16mm film at the end of the eighties. EIKI saw opportunities in the change from film projectors to video beamers. Together with Sharp, EIKI was the only manufacturer at the time that bundled the RGB signal into a single lens. The future became child's play thanks to the plug-and-play principle.

In the following years, neither time nor effort were spared to further optimise the brightness and lenses, as a result of which the projectors at Ets. Verwaest projectors were sold like hot cakes. After the death of the founder in 2010, the company ceased operations, mainly due to the lack of a successor. The Eiki division and Verwaest's remaining activities were taken over at the last minute by Medpro NV, with Mr André Huyghe as Managing Director, who guaranteed the division until the day of transfer to Prolumens. In April 2021, Prolumens became the exclusive licensee for the sale and distribution of EIKI in Belgium.

The brand has a global network with its own branches in the USA, Canada and Germany, among others. Service and after-sales are the main focus for EIKI and its distributors, along with product quality. Prolumens not only distributes projectors but also projection screens, displays and all kinds of accessories. In addition to the EIKI brand, Prolumens also distributes other quality brands. Sales are exclusively online.