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E-Show draadloos interactief presentatie systeem by Eiki

Merk: Eiki

Accessoires: Wireless Presentation

Key features

* One-click to wirelessly share content from PC or laptop
* Simultaneous display from up to four different sources
* Using 2.4GHz or 5GHz band to guarantee a great wireless connection
* Provides a runtime executable software that does not require installation
* iOS/Android portable devices compatibility
*Full screen or dual/triple/quad view display
* Dual display with HDMI and VGA outputs
* Seamless switching


*Indicates the status of Button.
*LED Status Description
*static blue during -the boot process
                                 - connect successfully, ready to share content
                                  - pairing is in process
*blinking blue    -connection is in process
                           -upgrade is in process
*static red       -sharing content with the display
                        -pairing is completed
                        -upgrade is completed
*off                   -the Button is not inserted into the USB port properly or the USB port or computer might be defective
*USB                 -connect to the USB port of computer for content sharing
                          -connect to the USB port of Base Unit for Button pairing

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  Brochure EIKI EShow.pdf
  Flyer】Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway.pdf